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I would like to thank the following list of people for contributing images.

Derek Fay

  • Stephen Erts

  • Andrew Klein

  • Mike Simmons

  • Joseph Mulllins

  • Kathy Shoemaker Huggins

  • Stephen Bahr

  • Nick Woodcroft

  • Corrine Koschal

  • Jason Greer

  • Tom Grimes

  • Westcoast Dave

  • Chuck Sumner

  •  David Lowman

  • Louie Mccluskey

  • Alyssa Michalsky

  • Bobby Thompson

  • Todd Handwork

  • Jeanne Ash

  • Ricardo Mendoza

  • Harry N Kravet

  • Joe Valencia

  • Edna Eaton

  • Reg Silva

  • David Prothro


Special acknowledgment to someone who inspired me to collect and learn about marbles. Buddy Alan Basinet  'Marble Alan'  1964-2012

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