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The Master Marble Company was opened in 1930 by previous employees of the Akro Agate Company and closed in 1941. It reopened as the Master Glass Company and closed in 1973.
The most sought Master marbles are the Sunburst, and Tiger-Eye. Sunbursts have a transparent clear base with filaments and strands of colors running from pole to pole and completely filling the marble.
Sunbursts with clear patches or areas in them and are called Clear Sunbursts. A Tiger-Eye is a Sunburst that is almost completely clear, with filaments and strands forming a wide, flat ribbon in the center of the marble. Tiger-eyes are the rarest with usual colors of orange, white, and black in a transparent clear base.

There are a series of Master Marble Opaque's made in the early 1930s that are valued by collectors, due to their unique color. They are a translucent Opaque in blue, aqua, green, white or lavender. The marbles have a soft, silky look to them and are often found in World’s Fair boxes, and gift boxes of the same time period.

Can be found up to 13/16"  and are 5/8" range in the 1933 World Fair Boxes

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