Rare Peltier Marbles

These Marbles are some of the rarer and more difficult to find from the Peltier Glass co.

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Juggernaut with AV
Peltier Colorado
Blue wasp, blue tiger, blue bee.
Tootsie roll
Green Lantern
Green Hornet
Green Hornet
AV Burnt Rebel
Pink Panther
VERY hard to find
Silver Surfer
Dark Inky
Dragons Eye
Blue Galaxy
Blue Galaxy is red and aventurine black on light blue opaque base.
Blue Lagoon
Root beer float
Root Beer Float
Peltier Pink Flamingo
Dark Universe
Only one of these is know to exist that I am aware of.
A woody has orange with brown wood grain pattern between the orange ribbons.
Ruby Slipper
Deep Red base, White Ribbons, Lots of Bubbles often near surface
Ruby Slippers
One of my favorites. Clear red base glass with white ribbons and a multitude of bubbles
Ruby Jewel
Santa Claus
Blues Brothers
Translucent Christmas Tree
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