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The earliest Peltier marbles are single-stream. They are usually referred to as 'Miller' marbles because they were produced using Peltier’s first marble machine, designed by an employee named Miller. Peltier produced single-stream slags and swirls.

Peltier slags are single-stream marbles, as are the slags of other companies. They are a transparent colored base glass with opaque white swirled in. Peltier slags are rarer than the other companies and are readily identifiable by the very fine feathering pattern produced by the white swirls. This is unique to Peltier.

An early type of Peltier multi-color swirl was produced by the Miller machine. It has a transparent colored base with several opaque colors swirled in, it is much rarer than more common multi-colors where the colors are actually ribbons, not swirls. There are several types of multi-color swirls that have similar coloring to National Line Rainbos. These are also rare. Another type of Miller machine swirl is called a Honey Onyx. These are semi-opaque white base with a thin translucent brown patch and a thin translucent green stripe on the marble. They are rare as well.

Peltier produced a patch marble which they marketed as the Peerless.

The Peltier Picture Marbles also called Character Marbles (comics) are Peltier Peerless patches with a black transfer of one of twelve different King Syndicate comic characters fired on the marble surface. Usually, there is an over glaze of clear glass. The twelve characters (in ascending order of rarity) are Emma, Koko, Bimbo, Andy, Smitty, Annie, Herbie, Sandy, Skeezix, Betty, Moon, Kayo. There are also comic marbles with a transfer of Tom Mix and with an advertisement for Cotes Master Loaf on them. Numerous reproductions and fakes exist.

The majority of collectible Peltier Glass Company marbles are ribboned type. The most collectible of these are the National Line Rainbo. These marbles are an opaque base color with four to six thin ribbons in the surface. The tri-colors can be distinguished from 'Miller Machine' marbles because they have two seams on them, as if they were two halves that were joined together. Also, the ribbons are usually translucent to transparent on the tri-color National Line Rainbos, and opaque on the 'Miller Machine' tri-colors. If the ribbons are all the same color, then the marble is referred to as a two-color National Line Rainbo. The base color can be either opaque white or an opaque color. Some of the color combinations have inspired imaginative names among collectors, including Zebra, Bumblebee, Cub Scout, Wasp, Tiger. National Line Rainbos with ribbons of two different colors are called Tri-color National Line Rainbos. They have also inspired a series of imaginative names. Ketchup & Mustard, Christmas Tree, Liberty, Gray-Coat , Rebel, Golden Rebel, Superman, Flaming Dragon, Blue Galaxy.

The more common ribboned Peltier marble is the Rainbo. These are a more recent marble than the National Line Rainbo. As with the National Line Rainbo, they are a two seam design. The base glass can be a variety of opaque or transparent colors, depending on the particular type of Rainbo, and they all have a ribbon or pair of ribbons encircling the equator of the marble. There is a basic difference between a National Line Rainbo and a Rainbo. In a National Line Rainbo, the ribbons lay just on and below the surface of the marble. This is easily seen on a National Line Rainbo that has chips on the ribbons. In a Rainbo, the ribbons go into the marble, towards the core. Opaque white base with a pair of colored ribbons encircling the equator are called Rainbos. Translucent white base with a pair of colored ribbons encircling the equator are called Acme Realers. An opalescent white base with a pair of red ribbons encircling the equator are called Bloodie. A bubble-filled transparent clear base with a red and white, orange and white, or yellow and white pair of ribbons encircling the equator are called Sunsets . A transparent dark base with a yellow and white ribbon brushed on the equator of the marble is a Champion Jr. An opaque colored base or transparent colored base with a pair of different colored ribbons encircling the equator are called Tri-colors. Transparent clear with ribbons of two or three different colors are called Clear Rainbos. There are also Rainbos with opaque white base and two different colors in the ribbons (similar to tri-color National Line Rainbos).

Peltier also produced a type of cat’s-eye. The marble consists of a single-veined opaque color in transparent clear glass. They are referred to as Bananas because the shape of the vane looks like a banana. There is also a type of Peltier cat’s-eye that is similar to the Banana. They are sometimes referred to by marble collectors as a Peltier Root Beer Float.

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